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Payroll Tracking

Addendum Plus

Payroll Tracking

Addendum Plus

One of the more challenging aspects of our industry is continually trying to track down invoices. Every industry goes through busy periods, and ours is no different; and during these busy times, it can become a challenge to keep up with staff time, tech time, work performed, and what was completed.

Think of it this way, it’s the end of the year, and you’re having a sale on all your previous year’s models. A rush of customers arrive, and 10 of them purchase the same car model, but each has different features. It’s now on the techs to get those cars handled and ready for sale. Your techs are working up to close to make sure these cars are prepared for final sale. After a hard day’s work, they want to know how much they’ve earned.

In the above scenario, it’s now on you to go work out each individual’s payment to give them that information. That or they’ll have to wait until payday, but you are still going to need to calculate everything yourself manually. Calculating payment could take hours, if not days, depending on the workload.

With Addendum Plus, all of that time spent on something like tracking payroll can now be handled in minutes. It will track every piece of tech work and all your employees’ time, which creates more time to focus on other aspects of the workday


This product keeps track of what you owe to each piece-work employee at all times. Each time you invoice, tech pay is saved. It’s that simple.

Download reports for each employee’s work

  • Payroll is easy
  • Select a date range, and what you owe each tech is given.
  • Now you know what you need to pay

One of the big money wasters is when a miscommunication leads to someone doubling up on work. If you have a tech come in and work on a project, and simultaneously another tech is working on the same project, you’re not only wasting resources but time. That tech could be working on something else and using their time better. We don’t want to waste our time or money

Saves Time

  • Hours or days of Payroll calculations now done in minutes
  • Employees know what their pay is without calling you

Saves Money

  • Administration costs for Data entry and payroll calculating reduced by 50-80%.
  • Duplicate VIN security, so you don’t pay a Tech for the same work twice.

Interested in learning more about Addendum Plus and how our software can make your life easier? Request a two-week free trial! We’re confident that once you get your hands on it, you’ll never work with a dealership any other way. Just call us at 602-820-9009 or send an email to You can also fill out our online contact form! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Addendum Plus is High Tech Simplicity at its finest. Take advantage of it today.

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Why Change?

Time is money. It’s a phrase that’s been used in businesses forever, and that hasn’t changed. With Addendum Plus, we ensure that you are saving time in the right ways. Mundane tasks should be handled quickly and autonomously. That’s why we’ve created this software. To make your life easier.

Payroll shouldn’t be complicated. We want to pay techs the hours for what they worked at an agreed-upon rate. Yet, that process can take hours or days of our work week. That time can be used better elsewhere. With Addendum Plus, you’ll ensure that it will be.

Going Mobile?

At Addendum Plus, we offer our software through a mobile app that will provide you as close to the same service as possible that you find on your desktop. In the digital age, we are finding that more and more of our clients need the ability to do their work on the move. This is one of the reasons we’ve created our mobile app.

Through Addendum Plus, you will be able to track your payroll through the ease of a phone app. If you’re someone who can’t stand sitting around in an office all day and needs to be hands-on but also can’t afford to walk away from your work, then the Addendum Plus app is perfect for you.

Contact Us

The best way to understand Addendum Plus is to use it yourself. Contact us today and get a two-week free trial. There’s no risk at all in at least trying it out and seeing what you think.