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Dealership Invoicing

Addendum Plus

Dealership Invoicing

Addendum Plus

Are you a vendor that is primarily involved in preloading for dealerships? How much time do you spend at a dealership getting this done? Do you ever feel like your time would be better spent if you could continue to do all of this but quicker?

There is a way to have all of this. One that makes your interactions with dealerships go by far smoother than traditional means. The Addendum Plus software specializes in dealership invoicing to help you and the dealership stay organized while also charging the appropriate parties.

Addendum Plus smooths out these monotonous and daily tasks to ensure that your job is more manageable. As a vendor, you sometimes have to put in the details on 10-20 cars at a single dealership. Typically this would take hours, but with Addendum Plus, it can take minutes.

It’s quite simple. Just insert the details you need, scan the VIN’s that are being worked on, and then watch as all the minor details that used to take up all your time are handled immediately. You’re back on the road to your next dealership in no time.

Need printouts? Check Out Monroney Plus!

Our Monroney Plus operations assist you in the process of having your Monroney’s printed out! If you don’t already have a printer and laminator on-site, then contact Monroney Plus today, and they’ll assist you in getting the tools you need.


This product is for vendors who make a living preloading for dealerships. Give techs the VIN Scan app to record what is done.

  • We were a VENDOR and built this from hands-on experience.
  • All details are entered ONLY ONCE in seconds.
  • Versatile Invoicing: all on one, or one per car, or any combo in seconds.
  • Easy to add RO/PO whenever and by anyone at any time in the process.
  • Techs only see the work for the store at which they are working.
  • Download or Print reports for billing.

No duplication of process. Enter the data once. The customer can look up invoices without calling you

  • Keying in paper invoice GONE.
  • Searching for an Invoice INSTANT.
  • Monthly Billing MINUTES.
  • Email or printed invoices ensure your customer has them the same day.

Saves Money

  • VIN SCAN accuracy reduces WRITE OFFS.
  • Administration costs for Data entry, Billing and reduce by 50-80%.

Interested in learning more about Addendum Plus and how our software can make your life easier? Request a two-week free trial! We’re confident that once you get your hands on it, you’ll never work with a dealership any other way. Just call us at 602-820-9009 or send an email to You can also fill out our online contact form! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Addendum Plus is High Tech Simplicity at its finest. Take advantage of it today.

Why Change?

It may sound like an overwhelming task to change your entire invoicing process over to a single universal software, but once you’re on it, the ease of how everything else operates will more than make up for it.

Many of our customers not only save money, especially when they’re transferring over from one of our competitors, but they all talk about the time they save and how valuable that is. Saving time allows you to put your focus elsewhere.

Take It On The Go!

We live in an era of convenience, and we know that many vendors are going to be consistently on the go. If you’re a traditionalist that likes to visit dealerships in person when you work with them, then you obviously can’t bring your entire office with you. Some don’t even bring laptops along. This is one of the many reasons we choose to offer Addendum Plus on the go.

Our mobile app is designed to allow you to do anything you would typically do from your desktop on the go. The only challenge is getting used to doing it on the phone! Once you’ve got that taken care of, you’ll be handling just about everything from your mobile app. Easy right?

How Does This Help Dealerships?

Some of the dealerships we work with purchase the “dealership invoicing” aspect of Addendum Plus even though they are not vendors. This may seem counterintuitive since this is a tool in the software made mainly for vendors, but dealerships gain their advantages by having this packaged in with their purchases, such as the addendum maker.

For starters, if you already handle most of your addendum process through Addendum Plus and you have a vendor come in that isn’t using it, then you’re missing out on continuity. It’s far easier to make your addendums, handle the invoicing, and organizing your billing when it’s all handled on the same software you already consistently use.

Keeping your operations standard across the same software makes perfect sense, and so even dealers will gain an advantage to having something like the dealership invoicing tool available to them