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Addendum Plus

Addendum Plus Features

Addendum Plus

Addendum Plus is an addendum software created for the express purposes of saving you time and money. Far too many dealerships and vendors use their time to track down what techs have worked on, what new addendums need to be created, or invoices for the dealerships themselves. With Addendum Plus, you will find many of that streamlined and made more manageable.

We'll handle your initial setup

With Addendum Plus we’ll make the process of getting you set up on the software as simple as possible. Not all of our clients are tech savvy and that’s why we offer the opportunity to let us handle the initial setup process.

We’ll get everything set up for you so you can start using it quickly and taking advantage of the many benefits that Addendum Plus has to offer.

Software pays for itself after your first invoice

Once your first invoice has gone through you’re already letting your software pay for itself. Not only because of the time you save, but thanks to Addendum Plus being a more affordable option.

Dealerships and vendors that come to us to use our software frequently rave about how much money they save when they switch from one of our competitors. It’s paying for itself in no time.

Only company with a mobile app

In a world where everything is on the go, you’d be shocked to know our competitors don’t invest in going mobile. We are the ONLY company with a mobile app and that means you’re getting guaranteed value by purchasing our software.

The ability to take Addendum Plus on the go means that you have access to it everywhere. Need to go to three different branches of dealerships? Don’t lug around a heavy laptop. Just bring your phone!

Works with your phone's camera

Whether you’re on the newest name brand phone, or it’s five years old and still reliable, our app seamlessly works with your phone camera so you can easily scan VIN’s. Get your addendums created quicker this way!

User friendly

We aim to ensure that our software is accessible and user friendly. There wouldn’t be much point to it if the software was difficult to use and inaccessible for our clients that aren’t the most tech savvy people in the world.

Saves time from manual paperwork

Few monotonous tasks take up the kind of time that manual paperwork does. With Addendum Plus it’s as easy as inputting the information you need and then letting the software go from there. Print everything out and everything has been filled.

Avoid costly mistakes

Has a vendor come in to work on some additions that you need by end of day? Then when you went to go check on them they had done more than you needed? Addendum Plus helps avoid these costly mistakes by keeping everything organized. This way techs know what they’re working on and dealers know what they’re getting.

Peace of mind

There is nothing better about Addendum Plus than the peace of mind that it creates. You always know you didn’t miss a piece of paperwork. Invoices are always on time. Techs are always on task. It keeps everything organized and it’s exactly how you want it to be.