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Mobile Apps and Your Business

Addendum Plus

Mobile Apps and Your Business

Addendum Plus

When the first smartphones were unveiled, it’s unlikely anyone was expecting the incredible impact they would leave on our industries. The addendum making process can be tedious and time-consuming. That’s why we wanted to create something that would take that process and simplify it a little.

Addendum Plus is software made for both dealerships and vendors to make your workday easier. Those tasks that were originally taking up hours, if not days of your time, are now something that can be taken care of within minutes, thanks to Addendum Plus.

Of course, creating software is one thing. You need to make it accessible, and that’s why we also chose to take the Addendum Plus software and put it on smartphones via a mobile app. This allows you to have the Addendum Plus software with you at all times so you can use it whenever and wherever it’s necessary. Need a VIN scan? Pull out your phone. Need to input changes to 10 addendums? Just use the app! It’s that simple.

Apps and businesses today

Phone apps are such a regular part of life now it’s hard to imagine how it would be without them. This even includes many of our businesses. Plenty of smartphone users think of apps as for nothing but pleasure, but they’re available for everything at this point. You can find apps to help you with:

  • Work
  • Bills
  • Groceries
  • Exercise

With such a variety outside of the business, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’re seeing more niche apps within businesses. Companies are designing apps specifically for their own purposes. Rather than trying to get everyone to use it, they instead focus on their dedicated client bases.

This has resulted in our phone becoming just as much a tool for the average person’s job as a wrench is for someone who works on cars. It’s a necessity.

Addendum Plus

Considering how much of our jobs require phones already, it should be considered normal that apps are readily available to assist you. The Addendum Plus app is one of them.

With features like addendum making, dealership invoicing, and auto payroll tracking, it can make a more comfortable life for any dealership or vendor. To learn more about this, call us at 602-820-9009 or send an email to

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