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Addendum Plus

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Addendum Plus

Addendum Plus is an addendum software created for the express purposes of saving you time and money. Far too many dealerships and vendors use their time to track down what techs have worked on, what new addendums need to be created, or invoices for the dealerships themselves. With Addendum Plus, you will find many of that streamlined and made more manageable.

Addendum Making

Addendum Plus

The Addendum Plus Addendum making software takes a lot of the monotony out of the creation process. What used to be hours and hours of filling out paperwork or acknowledging which models needed to have updates done to them is now a simple process of filling out the information you need and watching it all get filled out autonomously.

Need to make changes to a specific car? Just scan the VIN and fill out the info that needs to be added to it. That is sent to your techs, who will then perform the task. This allows you to focus more on making sales and less on organizing addendums.

Need this printed? Check Out Monroney Plus!

Our Monroney Plus operations assist you in the process of having your Monroney’s printed out! If you don’t already have a printer and laminator on-site, then contact Monroney Plus today, and they’ll assist you in getting the tools you need.

Dealership Invoicing

Addendum Plus

This product is for vendors who make a living preloading for dealerships. Give techs the VIN Scan app to record what is done.

  • We were a VENDOR and built this from hands-on experience.
  • All details are entered ONLY ONCE in seconds.
  • Versatile Invoicing: all on one, or one per car, or any combo in seconds.
  • Easy to add RO/PO whenever and by anyone at any time in the process.
  • Techs only see the work for the store at which they are working.
  • Download or Print reports for billing.

No duplication of process. Enter the data once. The customer can look up invoices without calling you

  • Keying in paper invoice GONE.
  • Searching for an Invoice INSTANT.
  • Monthly Billing MINUTES.
  • Email or printed invoices ensure your customer has them the same day.

Payroll Tracking

Addendum Plus

This product keeps track of what you owe to each piece-work employee at all times. Each time you invoice, tech pay is saved. It’s that simple.

Download reports for each employee’s work

  • Payroll is easy
  • Select a date range, and what you owe each tech is given.
  • Now you know what you need to pay.

Don’t let substantial money wasters derail a project. Every second is valuable, and we don’t need someone doubling up on a project because two techs got confused about how much had to be done. Make sure every tech is using their time wisely and getting paid for it on top of that.

Saves Time

  • Hours or days of Payroll calculations now done in minutes
  • Employees know what their pay is without calling you

Saves Money

  • Administration costs for Data entry and payroll calculating reduced by 50-80%
  • Duplicate VIN security, so you don’t pay a Tech for the same work twice.


One of our Addendum Plus software’s significant features is how everything can be handled straight from your phone. Our phone app takes the desktop experience and makes it available on the go. We live in an age where we can’t ever seem to leave our desks, making those of us who are a more hands-on struggle. With this app, you can leave your desk and take the office with you.

Are you worried about not understanding how it works since it’s from a phone app? Don’t worry about it. We are trying to save your time, which means we kept the app as simple as possible. It’s not exactly the same as the desktop services, but the similarities are enough to make sure your transition from one to the other as flawless as possible.

VIN scans

One of the best aspects of having this available on a mobile app is that you can scan any VIN straight from your phone. This means that when you’re walking the line and making adjustments, you can simply scan the VIN and input the information via the app. Everything else is handled for you automatically while you move on with your day.