Easy to use addendum making templates available on desktops and smartphones

Addendum Maker

Easy-to-use addendum templates available on both desktop and smartphone

Date range sorting and updated totals just by signing in


Sign-in to sort by date range and view up to date totals

One action gives you Invoices, reports, payroll, billing and so much more

Smart Invoicing

One action gives you invoices, reports, payroll, billing and so much more

Know what you owe all your employees in seconds

Payroll System

Know what you owe all your employees in seconds

Technicians log work using mobile app with a phone or Tablet

Mobile Application with VIN scanning

Technicians log work using mobile app with a phone or tablet


XPEL DEALER SERVICES offers three software products:
1. Addendum Maker    2. Dealership Invoicing    3. Auto Payroll Tracking

These software products can be purchased individually or as a combined package. All these products are web-based, and each one has the capability to utilize the VIN Scan Phone App for gathering car information and generating Vehicle Addendums or Invoices.

About the Phone App

The Phone App can do many processes without a desktop computer. VIN Scan quickly auto-fills Year, Make, and Model. During your set up, you will use our unique WORKSPACE FEATURE to assign each dealership to the VIN Scan App. With this, you can have all your dealerships on one pulldown menu, different ones per location, or any combo you want.

Addendum Maker App: This app allows you to VIN, select the chosen equipment, enter the MSRP, and then print the generated document.

Invoicing App: Pull down Menus collects: This app provides a user-friendly interface with pull-down menus for collecting essential information such as the dealership, VIN scan, stock number, technician(s), work performed, RO/PO numbers, optional photos, additional notes, and it generates the invoice based on the inputted details.


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Effortlessly design your custom addendum, assign staff members, create a preloaded options list, and be ready to go! Simply visit the App Store, download our app, and start creating addendums within seconds.

Our Addendum Maker is incredibly popular among our customers. We firmly believe it is the easiest and fastest addendum maker available in the USA. Most of our customers have seamlessly transitioned to this system without incurring any additional costs.

Attention Auto Groups: Our software structure allows you to manage your entire group using a single master sign-on, while still providing individual usability for each store. Fixed ops and leadership personnel can easily modify pricing and addendum equipment with just one master sign-on.


This product is designed specifically for vendors who earn a living by preloading vehicles for dealerships. It provides vendors with the VIN Scan app, enabling technicians to efficiently record the work performed.

As former vendors ourselves, we have firsthand experience in the industry, which guided us in building this product. With our system, all the necessary details can be entered quickly and accurately, saving you valuable time.

  1. Our invoicing feature offers great flexibility, allowing you to generate invoices in various ways: consolidating all information onto a single invoice, creating separate invoices for each vehicle, or any combination you prefer, all within seconds.
  2. Adding an RO/PO to the process is a breeze with our system. Anyone involved in the process can easily add it at any time.
  3. We have also taken into consideration the convenience of technicians - they will only see the work assigned to the specific store they are currently working at, streamlining their workflow.
  4. Lastly, you have the option to download or print reports for billing purposes, ensuring a smooth and efficient billing process.


This product provides a comprehensive solution for tracking the payments owed to your piece-work employees consistently. Every time you create an invoice, the system automatically saves the technician's pay information. It's as simple as that.

  1. Easily download detailed reports that provide a breakdown of each employee's work - gaining valuable insights into the tasks completed by individual technicians.
  2. Straightforward, accurate, and efficient payroll management: Simply select the desired date range, and the system will generate a clear overview of the amounts owed to each technician.
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XPEL DEALERSHIP now has a smart way to create addendums, log work and generate invoices. With our platform, you can conveniently access worklogs, review invoice history, and even utilize the Mobile Print Addendums feature. Our app is available for download on both Android and iOS app stores.

To get started, reach out to your administrator to obtain the access code and unlock the full functionality of our system.

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Saves Time

Reprints and Edits
  • Once created, addendums are automatically saved for future editing and reprinting. Effortlessly search by stock or VIN number. Edit and reprint addendums within seconds.
  • No need to manually enter information. The app automatically populates the year, make, model, and calculates the cost of added equipment.
  • Say goodbye to the tedious task of changing addendums for every car on the lot. This system saves countless hours and simplifies the process.
Create Addendums Anywhere/Anyone
  • Sales Managers can easily create addendums.
  • PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) personnel can scan and check-in cars, while others can complete the remaining information or allow PDI to handle it all.
  • Front Desk staff can quickly cut and paste VINs, and the software will automatically fill the corresponding fields.
  • Assign addendum creation tasks to vendors.
  • Anyone with a phone can do it!


Saves Time

  • Streamlined process eliminates duplication. Enter data once, and customers can easily access their invoices without needing to contact you.
  • Say goodbye to manually keying in paper invoices - this outdated practice is now a thing of the past.
  • Instantly search for any specific invoice with ease.
  • Monthly billing tasks now take just minutes to complete.
  • Email or print invoices for same-day delivery to your customers.

Saves Money

  • VIN SCAN accuracy significantly reduces write-offs.
  • Administration costs related to data entry and billing are reduced by 50 to 80%.


Saves Time

  • Tedious hours or days spent on payroll calculations, now completed in minutes.
  • Employees can easily access and know their pay without the need to contact you for inquiries.

Saves Money

  • Reduce administration costs significantly by 50-80% through streamlined data entry and automated payroll calculations.
  • Benefit from duplicate VIN security, preventing payment to technicians for the same work twice.

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